A Range of components for the XS Pole support system

XS System Accessories

The accessories for the XS system includes ISO shipping container mount, hinge system, gin pole, top tilt system and rib base plates. These all complement the XS Base and Top components to make flexible systems for temporary or permanent applications. 

For advise on the best options for your application please contact us on 01949 860400 or email sales@barenco.co.uk



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ImagePart NumberDataFittingMaterialSocketStockPriceRendered entity
BE209Gin Pole Cap Socket for 48.3mm or 2" TubeSherardized£9.45
BE216BE216_0.pdf256.51 KBTop Pole Tilt Pivot Bracket to Suit 48.3mm or 2" Mast and Run a 1.5" up to 2" Tilting MastSherardized£52.38
BE727BE727.pdf285.02 KB, BE727 - Shipping container mounting nut and bolt.pdf68.91 KBMounting Nut & Bolt for ISO Shipping Container Corner Mount, M12 x 60mm Hex Set and Flat Washer BZPSherardized£22.71
BE770BE770 - Base hinge plate with 125mm top mounting plate.pdf74.36 KBBase Hinge Plate with M10 Hex Bolts Nuts and Washers on 125mm Square Mounting BaseSherardized£57.50
BE771BE771_0.pdf277.65 KBPinch Clamp to Fit 48.3mm and 2" Masts and Secure a 1.5" to 2" Mast with a 30mm Stand-offSherardized£14.33
BE772BE772 - Rib base support plate for 48.3mm top with bolts & 30mm stand-off.pdf73.79 KBRib Base Plate. 3 x BE915 V Bolts for 48.3mm or 2" Mast with 30mm Stand-offSherardized£40.25
BE773BE773 - Rib Support plate, 125mm base.pdf71.14 KBRib Base Plate Welded To Base Plate. 2 x BE915 'V' Bolt for 48.3mm or 2" Mast on 125mm Square BaseSherardized£51.75
BE774Rib Base Plate Welded To Base Plate. 2 x BE947 'U' Bolts for 75mm or 3" Mast on 125mm Square BaseSherardized£63.37
BE791 Corner Mount
BE7912" Socket (180mm) Corner Mount for ISO ContainerSherardized2" Socket£94.01