LMR & ANT high performance coaxial cables including LSZH, UF & FR variations
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LMR & Equivalent Cables

Times Microwave - LMR cables are high performance coaxial communications cables designed for use in virtually all wireless system applications. The cables are more flexible than corrugated cables and exhibit much lower loss than traditional RG cables.

LMR has become the industry standard in high performance broadband, flexible, low loss and it is available in 50 & 75 Ohm. It is known for its quality and reliability within the field with 100% effective shielding and rugged UV, sunlight and weather resistant Jacket. This cable is available in many different sizes from LMR195 to LMR600 and styles to include Ultraflex (UF), Fire Retardant (FR), Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) and Direct Burial (DB). 

We also stock a large range of ANT coaxial cables which are a very high quality equivalent. These cables are tested to the same, sometimes higher standards than the LMR Cables and have a low price range to suit most budgets. 

If you are unable to locate the cable you require or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact the sales office on +44 (0)1949 860400. 




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ImagePart NumberData SheetLengthOhmsInner Conductor (mm)Dielectric Diameter (mm)Dielectric Material1st Screen Material2nd Screen MaterialJacket MaterialOverall Diameter (mm)StockPriceQty
  • ANT195 PVC 50 ohm Coaxial Cable
ANT195-50/100m100 m501/0.942.79Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperPE4.95£134.00
  • ANT195 PVC 50 ohm Coaxial Cable
ANT195-50/1m1 m501/0.942.79Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperPE4.95£1.50
  • ANT195 LSHF
ANT195-LSHF-50/100m100 m501/0.942.79Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperLSHF4.95£134.00
  • ANT195 Low smoke halogen free 50 ohm coaxial cable
ANT195-LSHF-50/1m1 m501/0.942.79Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperLSHF4.95£1.61
  • ANT195 LSHF
ANT240-LSHF-50/100m100 m501/1.423.81Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperLSHF6.1£184.00
  • ANT240 Low Smoke Halogen Free 50 ohm coaxial cable
ANT240-LSHF-50/1m1 m501/1.423.81Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperLSHF6.1£2.21
  • ANT300-50 LSHF/1m
ANT300-50 LSHF/100m100 m50Bare Copper4.83Foam PolyethyleneBonded Aluminium TapeTinned CopperLSHF7.62£236.00
  • ANT300-50 LSHF/1m
ANT300-50 LSHF/1m1 m50Bare Copper4.83Foam PolyethyleneBonded Aluminium TapeTinned CopperLSHF7.62£2.83
  • ANT300-50
ANT300-50/100m100 m501/1.784.83Foam PolyethyleneBonded Aluminium TapeTinned CopperPolyethylene7.62£175.00
  • ANT300 50 ohm Coaxial Cable
ANT300-50/1m1 m501/1.784.83Foam PolyethyleneBonded Aluminium TapeTinned CopperPolyethylene7.62£2.11
  • ANT400 PVC
ANT400-50/100m100 m501/2.747.24Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperPE10.3£250.00
  • ANT400 PVC 50 ohm coaxial cable
ANT400-50/1m1 m501/2.747.24Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperPE10.3£3.00
  • ANT400 LSHF
ANT400-LSHF-50/100m100 m501/2.747.24Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperLSHF10.3£373.00
  • ANT400 Low smoke halogen free 50 ohm coaxial cable
ANT400-LSHF-50/1m1 m501/2.747.24Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperLSHF10.3£4.47
  • ANT600 LSHF
ANT600-50-LSHF/100m100 m501/4.4711.56Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperLSHF14.99£740.00
  • ANT600 Low Smoke Halogen Free 50 ohm Coaxial Cable
ANT600-50-LSHF/1m1 m501/4.4711.56Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperLSHF14.99£8.51
  • ANT600 PVC
ANT600-50/100m100 m501/4.4711.56Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperPE14.99£620.00
  • ANT600 PVC 50 ohm Coaxial Cable
ANT600-50/1m1 m501/4.4711.56Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperPE14.99£7.44
  • LMR240 FR/1m
LMR240-FR-50/100m100 m501.423.81Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperFR6.1£387.00
  • LMR240 Fire Retardant 50 ohm Coaxial Cable
LMR240-FR-50/1m1 m501.423.81Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperFR6.1£4.66
  • LMR240 LSZH Cable
LMR240-LSZH/100m100 m501.423.81Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperLSZH6.1£252.00
  • LMR240 Low Smoke Zero Halogen 50 ohm Coaxial Cable
LMR240-LSZH/1m1 m501.423.81Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperLSZH6.1£3.02
  • LMR240 Ultraflex cable
LMR240-UF/100m100 m501.423.81Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperUF6.1£308.00
  • LMR240 Ultraflex 50 ohm coaxial cable
LMR240-UF/1m1 m501.423.81Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperUF6.1£3.69
  • LMR240 PVC Cable
LMR240/100m100 m501.423.81Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperPE6.1£417.00
  • LMR240 PVC 50 ohm Coaxial Cable
LMR240/1m1 m501.423.81Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperPE6.1£4.64
  • LMR400 FR
LMR400-FR/100m100 m502.747.24Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperFR10.29£720.00
  • LMR400 Fire Retardant 50 ohm Coaxial Cable
LMR400-FR/1m1 m502.747.24Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperFR10.29£8.28
  • LMR400 LSZH
LMR400-lSZH/100m100 m502.747.24Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperLSZH10.29£445.00
  • LMR400 Low Smoke Zero Halogen 50 ohm Coaxial Cable
LMR400-LSZH/1m1 m502.747.24Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperLSZH10.29£4.95
  • LMR400 UF
LMR400-UF/100m100 m502.747.24Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperUF10.29£711.00
  • LMR400 Ultraflex 50 ohm Coaxial Cable
LMR400-UF/1m1 m502.747.24Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperUF10.29£7.49
  • LMR400 PVC
LMR400/100m100 m502.747.24Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperPE10.29£420.00
  • LMR400 PVC 50 ohm Coaxial Cable
LMR400/1m1 m502.747.24Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperPE10.29£4.83
  • LMR600 FR
LMR600-FR/100m100 m504.4711.56Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperFR14.99£1,130.00
  • LMR600 Fire Retardant 50 ohm Coaxial Cable
LMR600-FR/1m1 m504.4711.56Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperFR14.99£13.56
  • LMR600 LSZH
LMR600-LSZH/100m100 m504.4711.56Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperLSZH14.99£1,093.00
  • LMR600 LSZH
LMR600-LSZH/1m1 m504.4711.56Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperLSZH14.99£11.52
  • LMR600 uf
LMR600-UF/100m100 m504.4711.56Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperUF14.99£1,701.00
  • LMR600 Ultraflex 50 ohm Coaxial Cable
LMR600-UF/1m1 m504.4711.56Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperUF14.99£18.90
  • LMR600 PVC
LMR600/100m100 m504.4711.56Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperPE14.99£960.00
  • LMR600 PVC 50 ohm Coaxial Cable
LMR600/1m1 m504.4711.56Foam PEAluminium TapeTinned CopperPE14.99£11.52