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Workshop holiday shutdown

Our manufacturing workshop will be closed from Friday 14th June - Monday 15th July 2024 due to holidays. This will affect cutting of Aluminium poles, Manufacturing of Crossover plates and some small bits of metalwork. 

Our apolgies for the inconvenience caused during this time. 



Ordering from outside of the UK

Please note that our website is unable to calculate delivery services for outside of the UK.

Email us at with your delivery address, items required and telephone number

and we will arrange a quotation for shipping to be emailed to you. 



When a connector is mounted from the inside of a panel or box with its mounting flange inside the equipment.

Bayonet or Bayonet Neill Concelman. A quick coupling device for plug and receptacle connectors, accomplished by rotation of a cam operating device designed to bring the connector halves together.

Main, or largest, portion of a connector to which other portions are attached.

A term used to define a mounting style of connectors. Bulkhead connectors are designed to be inserted into a panel cutout from the rear (component side) or front side of the panel.

A completed cable and its associated hardware (e.g. connectors)

A transmission line consisting of two concentric conductors insulated from each other. In its flexible form it consists of either a solid or stranded center conductor surrounded by a dielectric. A braid is then woven over the dielectric to form an outer conductor. A protective plastic covering is placed on top of the braid.

Includes housing and contact plus additional components such as hardware used to hold the assembly together and/or make the assembly a functional connector.

Jack or Socket. Used in the description of RF Connectors

Socket or Female. Used in the description of RF Connectors

Low Smoke Halogen Free/ Low Smoke Zero Halogen. Refers to cable for use in buildings, ships and public area.

Male. Used in the description of RF Connectors

Plug. Used in the description of RF Connectors

Jack or Female. Used in the description of RF Connectors

Al. Tape - Aluminium Tape
BC - Bare Copper
BCCAI - Bare Copper Clad Aluminium
TC - Tinned Copper
SC - Silver Covered Copper

Foam PE - Gas Injected Foam PE
PE - Solid Low Density Polyethylene
PTFE - Solid Polytetrafluroethylene

FEP - Flourinated Ethylene Propylene
P.V.C - Polyvinyl Chloride

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